Animal awareness day in WB

A West Bay Neighbourhood Policing Officer is reaching out to the community to raise awareness of the animal’s law and ensure that all dogs in the district are taken care of as they should be.

PC Nettie Bulgin has organised a free animal awareness day this coming Saturday at the West Bay Heritage Park from 10am to 2pm.

Those attending will be able to register their dogs for free with the agriculture department, ask questions of an animal doctor and speak with the Animal Welfare Officer as well as the Humane Society.

As an added bonus, the K9 unit will be on hand to demonstrate the abilities of the police dogs. Free refreshments will also be available.

‘We want people to know exactly what is expected of them as dog owners,’ PC Bulgin said in a press release. ‘We have lots of dogs which are allowed to stray in the West Bay area and these animals cause problems for residents.

‘There are also many laws governing how dogs should be kept and we want to make sure people are aware of these.’

Recently there have been several complaints about dog owners not taking proper control of their animals and this has led to a couple of incidents where people have been bitten.

Several owners have been warned in the past and now the police are vowing to take action against offenders. People who do not control their animals will be prosecuted under the animal’s law. A number of cases are currently under investigation.

‘This open day is designed to help dog owners become better owners,’ added PC Bulgin, ‘and I encourage anyone who has a pet or is thinking of investing in a pet to come along and see what we have on offer.’

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