Brac police help the environment

Last Friday, police officers on Cayman Brac did their bit to help the environment by conducting a clean-up patrol at Public Beach, on the south side of the island.

PC Rob Stewart of the Neighbourhood Policing Department, assisted by colleagues from the Cayman Brac Police Station, collected a large quantity of rubbish from the area immediately surrounding the entrance to the Public Beach as part of an ongoing campaign to tackle the problem of littering on the island.

‘Cayman Brac is a beautiful island that people come from all over the world to see, and not just for what is under the waves,’ PC Stewart said in a press release. ‘Unfortunately, there does appear to be a recurring problem, in particular surrounding public holidays, but certainly not restricted to these periods, when a selfish few seem determined to spoil things for the rest of the community and visitors to the island, by discarding litter where it presents an eyesore and a danger.’

PC Stewart stressed that whilst some of the rubbish that is found on the coastline to the south of the island can be attributed to items discarded at sea that are washed up by the currents, a considerable percentage is clearly left behind by people following visits to the beach.

In addition to the discarded objects collected by the Officers, PC Stewart further pointed out evidence of apparent disregard for the environment, in the form of the remains of four separate bonfires, each with broken glass and half melted plastic from food containers mixed in with the ashes and pieces of wood.

‘Glass alcohol bottles and beer cans do not float,’ the officer pointed out, ‘so there is no excuse whatsoever for all of this to be clearly visible within a short walk along the beach. This can not be blamed on passing ships.

‘Whilst it is an offence to drop litter, it is not always possible for a police officer to be there all of the time to prevent it. Everyone has a responsibility to clean up after themselves and I would like to appeal to all who use these beaches: Help us keep Cayman Brac safe and clean, and litter-free. Please take your rubbish home, or dispose of it properly in a rubbish bin.

‘Do not rely on others, to clean up after you,’ he added.

It is illegal to dump rubbish in a public place. Anyone witnessing such an act, should report the matter to the police on 948-0331.

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