Power outage planned for morning

CUC was last Tuesday evening requesting customers in the Eastern Districts to make preparations for a planned emergency outage that was too affect all areas east of Destiny Drive in Lower Valley between 1am and 4am on Wednesday.

This outage is necessary to allow CUC crews to carry out emergency repairs to the transmission line serving the substations in the Eastern Districts. This outage was to affect customers in Lower Valley, Northward, Bodden Town, North Side and East End.

The company planned to maintain service to as many customers as possible in the Lower Valley/Bodden Town area but these areas were warned of the outage as their service will likely be affected.

CUC regrets the inconvenience to customers in the affected areas, especially the residents of the Eastern Districts for the lengthy outage on Saturday night.

In the event of an electrical emergency, customers are reminded to call 911 immediately.

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