CUC explains power outages

Caribbean Utilities Company issued a press release on Tuesday explaining three separate power outages experienced by its customers last weekend.

The first happened at approximately 8.26pm on Saturday night.

‘A failed guy wire made contact with an energized power line and caused an outage on the 69,000 Volt transmission line feeding CUC’s Frank Sound substation,’ the CUC release stated.

The guy wire incident occurred along the Bodden Town Bypass road and resulted in the loss of electrical service to all customers east of the Midland Acres entrance.

Some customers were without power for almost three hours.

‘The duration of the outage was extended as a result of a second problem, which was discovered at the Bodden Town substation, when CUC crews attempted to restore power to the transmission line,’ the press release stated.

‘Normally CUC would have restored power quickly by switching these customers to lines from the Rum Point substation, but this was not possible because the Rum Point substation is temporarily out of service due to a failure of its main power transformer.’

Service was ultimately restored to all customers between 11 and 11.24pm.

However, further repairs were needed, necessitating a planned three-hour outage in the Eastern Districts between 1am and 4am Wednesday morning.

‘This outage is necessary to allow CUC crews to carry out emergency repairs to the transmission line serving the substations in the Eastern Districts,’ CUC stated.

The Rum Point substation will be repaired and returned to service when a replacement power transformer is installed in approximately four weeks.

‘Once [that] substation is back in service, CUC will once again be able to have a backup source to provide service to customers in the Eastern Districts.’

In addition to Saturday night’s outage, there were two unrelated power outages on Sunday in George Town.

‘The first outage was experienced at 8.6am when a motor vehicle collided with a CUC pole at the Grand Harbour roundabout in Red Bay,’ CUC stated in its press release. ‘Service was restored to the affected customers in approximately one hour.

The second outage occurred at 7.52pm and affected customers from Old Prospect Road to South Palms, Bodden Town, when a line fault occurred.

Service was restored to the affected customers in that outage in a little more than an hour.

‘CUC regrets the inconvenience to customers in the affected areas, especially the residents of the Eastern Districts for the lengthy outage on Saturday night,’ the company stated.

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