Check out Friday night Hip preview

Just in case you’ve been locked in the trunk of a car for the past month, and haven’t heard, the Big Daddy Liquor Stores’ 25th Anniversary Concert featuring the Tragically Hip is happening on Tuesday, 1 May 1 at Safehaven.

It’s been a long time coming, but the day every Canadian expat and their compatriots in music, reduced to filling the Hip void with the cold consolation of ipods and radio, is finally here.

Now local Hip fans once feeling so hard done by have the chance of a lifetime to actually get up close and personal with the greatest and most enduring Canadian band the eighties ever produced (face it, all you Neil, Guess Who, Rush, and Sloan fans, the eighties was not your decade).

But for those residents who may have had it up to here with hearing about this mysterious musical ensemble called the Tragically Hip, a special event is taking place on Friday to initiate the, well, uninitiated.

Legendz, Rackam’s, Calico Jack’s, PD’s Pub, the Hard Rock, Hammerheads, Stingers, Coconut Joe’s, Billy Bones Beach Bar, Margaritaville, District 6, and Aqua Beach are joining forces to screen the Hip’s That night in Toronto DVD for their patrons to let the people of Cayman get a taste of what’s in store.

‘We are inviting those a little scared about coming to the concert to check out the DVD this Friday,’ says Big Daddy’s Damien Dilbert, who’s been furiously working with BrightIdeas marketing to stage the event.

‘A lot of people who don’t know this band and are unsure about going to the concert want to understand who the Hip are and what they represent. We want people to see how good these guys are, and how terrific a Hip performance is,’ says Dilbert.

‘We are fully, completely confident that after Friday night, you’ll want to attend.’ (Ok, that was the last one).

On Tuesday, gates open at 6.30 PM and the first local opening act Suckerbox, will go on at 7:00pm, followed by Smooth Bill Annie.

‘We encourage general admission ticket holders to arrive early – it’s worth it as you might be able to get as close as front row,’ says Mr. Dilbert.

The main entrance to the concert will be on the north end of Safehaven field (closer to the Esterly Tibbetts Highway Extension). Limited parking is available at the venue and in surrounding areas.

While VIP tickets have all been sold out, general admission tickets are still available from dms Broadcasting’s studios in the Mirco Centre, as well as Big Daddy’s retail locations at Buckingham Square, Airport Foster’s location, Cayman Falls, below Mezza Restaurant (next to Seven Mile Shops).

They can also be purchased at the gate on the evening of the event.

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