Local musicians chance to shine at Musik Now

Cayman’s local musicians had their opportunity to shine Friday night at Musik Now, part of the two-week long Cayfest festival.

The event, held at the Harquail Theatre, saw 10 acts take to the stage. Music ran the gamut from pulsating steel pan beats, by Pandominium, positive reggae vibes by Daddy Stu of Love Culture, aka Stewart Wilson, and the heavy sounds of rock by three-piece band Heroes.

Other musicians included rap duo Twin Mentality, C.B.R., Blackface, Paradise, Heat, Keepers of Rastafari and C-Level

The musicians did not disappoint, each taking to the stage for a short three-song set. Despite the occasional sound difficulties, the show seemingly ran without a hitch. MCs for the night, DJs Jay Cruz and Dane from X107 FM radio, did an admirable job of keeping the audience entertained between set changes, which seemed a little long at times.

A disappointment for organisers, no doubt, was the event’s limited attendance. This reviewer counted just over 50 in attendance; the theatre holds over 300. It meant that the event lacked the atmosphere you would expect at a music concert.

‘We were disappointed with the attendance,’ said Charles Glidden, director of marketing at the Cayman National Cultural Foundation, producers of Cayfest. ‘However, the event did have a lot of competition that we could not have foreseen. The days of being able to book events and not compete with another is a bygone era.’

He added: ‘We are going to have to analyse the event and see what we can do to boost numbers next year,’ he said. ‘However, this was the first Musik Now and it takes time to build up an audience and for the event to become part of the festival.’

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