Business coaching offered

Additional training for business advisors or coaches is being offered by the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau.

This one-off workshop is being offered in conjunction with the Florida Association for Volunteer Action. It will be held Friday from 2-4pm at the CIIB boardroom in Cayman Corporate Center.

Facilitated by FAVACA consultant Marian Morgan, discussions will be on: how to work with the entrepreneurial personality; understanding the ‘E-myth’ (‘E’ as in entrepreneur); and how to improve communication skills as they relate to the four behavioural types, states a press release.

Participants will also learn where to begin with their client, and how to develop the relationship.

Ms Morgan has extensive experience working with small business owners, as well as with Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations, and is the author of 82 Tips for Thriving in The Workplace. She is also the founder of Integrity Miami (, an initiative exploring the meaning and value of integrity as a viable tool for conducting business and personal relationships across Miami’s diverse communities.

This opportunity is limited to just 20 participants for this free workshop. For more information call 945-0943 or email [email protected]

FAVACA consultant Marian Morgan

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