Treasure Island fully refurbished

The newly renovated Treasure Island Resort on Seven Mile Beach is to offer a tropical haven to residents and visitors of Grand Cayman.

Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort has been fully renovated and refurbished Photo: Submitted

Frontdoor Cayman, which bought the property in June 2005, has now fully completed renovations on 250 apartments at Treasure Island Resort.

‘They boast the luxury features once reserved for pampered college students and the Caymans’ luckiest corporate employees,’ says a press release from the resort.

Treasure Island co-owner Harry Lalli says the feedback to the renovations has been very positive indeed.

‘It’s been fantastic. Everyone loves it,’ he said.

The resort is also bringing back an additional 50 units as hotel rooms for tourists.

Referring to the long-term rentals for residents, the press release notes, ‘residents of Treasure Island Resort may take unlimited advantage of a 24/7 fitness centre to keep themselves in shape, three swimming pools to stay relaxed and Wifi to stay in touch.’

Also, The Shops at Treasure Island offer residents the chance to browse for gifts, art or fine lingerie, to be pampered at a spa, and groomed at a salon, or entertain friends at the bar.

Another gem in the Treasure Island story is that for the long term rentals, the monthly rent, at CI$1350 per month (for single or double occupancy) is inclusive of water, electricity, cable TV and VoIP.

‘The model for Treasure Island Resort apartments is drawn from the well-kept secret local communities hidden throughout the world’s most exclusive retreats. It allows men and women who live and work among wealthy vacationers and visitors to share the same sorts of lifestyles, but without breaking the budget,’ the release notes.

The 50 units being brought back as hotel rooms are being termed ‘Cayman Island Samplers’, and will allow tourists and visitors to sample the Seven Mile Beach lifestyle.

The daily rental rates for these hotel rooms are tentatively looking to be around US$169 per night based on single or double occupancy, said Mr. Lalli.

However, before the hotel rooms go through the licensing process new lobby furniture and wooden furniture for around the pools has to arrive.

But it is hoped that the hotel rooms can be available for rental by June or July.

Anyone interested in leasing one of TI’s newly renovated rooms can call the resort on 745-7777.