Don’t rollover Sir Turtle

Retire Sir Turtle?

Ludicrous, nuts!

And why?

That’s like the Disney Corporation retiring Mickey Mouse or Sesame Street replacing Big Bird or Qantas substituting the kangaroo with a Fosters beer bottle.

Sorry, I mean no disrespect towards our tourism leaders, but this sounds like the idea of some over paid marketing consultant from another land who will further fatten his pocket when contracted to create some weird, abstract design that will have us simple folks scratching our heads.

I disagree with a majority of Mr. Simon Barwick’s comments (letter to editor, page 5 on 27 April). On the other hand, I do agree when he say’s ‘the tourism market is extremely competitive and ever-more sophisticated.’

True, however retiring an icon that represents the Cayman Islands is not the answer.

We don’t need a new brand. What we need are more smiles.

To smile costs nothing, yet it’s worth millions to our economy. Instead of a new brand let’s try an old-fashioned, friendly ‘Hello’ ….. ‘Nice to see you’….. ‘Enjoy your visit’ ….. ‘Please come back to see us’, etc, etc. You can be sloshing through the cold wet snow in Chicago, Boston or New York, yet when you see that colourful smiling turtle you think….. Home…..beach…. and sunshine.

And to say that ‘Sir Turtle can no longer be expected to effectively do his job’ is simply shortsighted.

What I am trying to say is you may need spectacles. Just take a good long look at Sir Turtle, he’s probably the only one in our tourism industry that’s doing 100 per cent of his job 100 per cent of the time; he always has a smile on his face.

H G Nowak

Barefoot Man