Limit cruise ship numbers

As a long time visitor who loves Grand Cayman, my biggest complaint is how many cruise ship visitors are allowed in.

Have someone visit Tripadvisor and read what visitors are saying. No one who stays on the island wants to go to George Town, the Turtle Farm (Boatswain’s Beach), Stingray City, etc. when the ships are in. The cruise people often don’t even know what island they are on and are often pushy and rude because they have limited time.

Construction along Seven Mile Beach is another big problem. Fix those and you will have your land-based tourism return.

The size of the buildings also matter. Places like the Beach Colony give SMB a bad name. Having a ferry up and running to Rum Point again would be a great enhancement.

As I suggested, check out Tripadvisor and read what repeat customers have to say.

Regina Ecclefield