South Sound development revolting

As a resident of the South Sound, I am appalled at the fact that selfish, greedy developers, try to justify their potentially catastrophic development by stating that it must go ahead because the government needs the funds that it will generate.

Presently, because of the rollover fiasco, there are few property sales taking place and I see no improvement on this situation in the near future, so the question arises as to who they propose to sell these properties to.

Secondly, having a $5 million bond is meaningless; it will never repair any environmental damage or changes to the South Sound that occur as a result of the canal.

Thirdly, any damage to the mangroves, which protect the coastal area of the South Sound will ultimately result in flooding farther inland and loss of habitat to many species.

Fourthly, the South Sound road is already far to busy, a further 200 vehicles using it daily is unacceptable, not to mention all the construction traffic that will be required to develop the site.

It is about time that greed was replaced with common sense and brown field sites, of which there are many, are redeveloped.

The reason they are not, is because the costs of purchasing the properties and clearing the existing housing means smaller profits for the greedy developers.

Cayman should be showing the rest of the Caribbean how to build sustainable, responsible and environmentally sound developments that have minimal impact on the already severely damaged environment.

For a Christian culture we seem to be remarkably uncaring and unprincipled and I am saddened that the church communities are not willing to speak out against these issues.

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