Pray for Cayman Islands

Our forefathers were God fearing men and women who believed ‘He hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods’ Psalms 24:2.

That is why we are prosperous today.

The Islands That Time Forgot is no more. We are a prosperous, thriving and unfortunately greedy country. The Lord placed prayer groups in all churches to be the watchmen.

When we hear issues that disturb our spirits, we need to sound the alarm in prayer.

An example of what prayer can do is about 15 years ago when the Family Life Centre was in shambles. Our small prayer group prayed that the building would be restored and used for Christian events and it is restored and is fully used today.

Another example of answered prayer happened about three years before the last general elections when we prayed that a road would be constructed from Hirst Road, Newlands, to Prospect to alleviate traffic congestion – the new east/west expressway and a high school built in the Eastern District to alleviate overcrowding in the schools.

The country cannot afford to build three high schools at this time. The school in West Bay should be put on hold. The George Hicks and John Gray high schools were refurbished with new roofs, etc., after Hurricane Ivan but continue to have flooding problems. They should install a proper drainage system that is kept clean and free of debris at all times.

The country needs new government offices.

Government should ask the Credit Union to build the offices on its property with a lease to own agreement, reducing the capital budget spending of $330 million.

We also need a new or another courthouse.

Minister of Tourism and Aviation Charles Clifford stated that the airport expansion is not a priority at this time.

Come on prayer warriors let us pray about these issues. King David in the Bible was not afraid to inquire of the Lord.

Now to all large companies e.g. construction, excavating, heavy equipment operators, financial institutions etc.; it is time to help our Government.

We have benefited from the prosperity of our country. It is time to give back a portion of our profits to the country.

The school in the Eastern District needs blocks, sand, cement, steel, wood, heavy equipment, landscaping services etc.

Donations from these companies for this project would leave Government to pay for labour costs, teaching supplies and teachers’ salaries.

‘Give and it will be given back to you, good measure, press down and shaken together’; that principle still works.

We cannot do without a Government whether we receive good or bad services.

If the Government prospers then we prosper, but if the Government goes under, then we will also go under. United for a worthy cause always brings success.

Bridget Glasgow-Scott

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