MLA Bodden supports tennis

The Cayman Islands budget for the upcoming fiscal year places great emphasis on the development and maintenance of sports facilities.

But government back bench MLA Osbourne Bodden said financial planners left out something he’d like to see more of next time around: tennis courts.

Right now, Cayman does not have any public tennis facilities, and Mr. Bodden said prices to use private courts are out of the reach of many Caymanians.

‘This has been one of those areas that’s just not available to many people,’ Mr. Bodden said during the Legislative Assembly’s budget debate. ‘It’s a sport that could certainly benefit many people.’

‘I think at least one public tennis court in each district would not be asking too much,’ he said.

Cayman is slated to spend more than $2.6 million in the next budget year on maintenance and management of recreational facilities, and support for various sporting associations.

Some of that work includes the installation of FIFA-approved artificial turf at the George Town annex pitch, as well as the completion of the Truman Bodden sports complex.

Minister of Sports Alden McLaughlin said discussions are also underway with the Amateur Aquatics Association about renovating the Lions Aquatic Centre to possibly place a 50 metre pool there.

Mr. Bodden said all of those projects are worthy of government’s time and effort; he said he simply wants public tennis courts added to the list.

‘Anything we can do to keep our people busy…away from the drugs and other ills that are out there,’ he said.

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