Littering criminal

Residents in West Bay are being warned to clean up or face the consequences.

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is launching a crack down on littering in the district due to a high amount of waste and rubbish being illegally dumped. Items most commonly discarded include bottles and cans, paper, fast food wrappers and old household appliances.

The RCIPS believes that enough warnings have been issued to the community and is stressing that prosecutions will follow.

Residents are being urged to report anyone seen flouting the law by dumping waste or littering in their neighbourhood to the police or the Department of Environmental Health. The public can contact the DoEH to make a complaint at 949-6696 or the West Bay Police Station on 949-3999.

Under the 1997 Litter Law, it is an offence to drop litter and dump waste punishable with a $500 fine or a prison term of up to six months.

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