Little League roundup

Burger King vs. Digicel

Digicel batted first. Despite good batting by Digicel, BK got 5 outs. BK then came up to bat. Fantastic all round batting by BK saw home runs from Nate Meghoo and Jevon Forbes, with all batters home safe. Digicel’s second innings was equally competitive, but BK got a further 6 Digicel batters out with great plays from Alex Agemian, Lars Gamper and Alex Logvinov and a number of fantastic home run saving stops by Henry Holligon in the left outfield. Leading by 11, BK had the freedom to hit out and as a result saw home runs from Djmon Watler, Geordie Forrester, Lars Gamper and a second home run of the game for Jevon Forbes. BK won by 6 outs

Little League

Action during Little League action in George Town.

Player of the Game: Djmon Watler, Geordie, Forrester, Jevon Forbes, and Henry Holligon

Final score 31-25 Burger King

Gatorade vs. Butterfield

Gatorade started the game off with six straight hits before they got their first out then they went on to get 11 straight hits before their last batter got out. Butterfield also batted very well as they had couple of homeruns but Gatorade defense came up with the some crucial outs when it was most needed. On the second inning Gatorade had the lead after one inning by two runs, Butterfield played a much better defensive game as they got five outs with their key pitcher and first base man. Butterfield now needed to score 17 runs for the win but Gatorade also knew they had their key players at pitcher and first base. Albertini who had a average day with the bat made up as pitcher as he and Ethan Watler at first got four of the five outs to steal the game. Ethan also had three home runs during the game; Gatorade also got a homerun from Chadwick Bush.

Players of the Game: Ethan Watler, Chadwick Bush, Albertini Holness and Mathew Westin.

Final Score: 31-29 Gatorade

Butterfield vs. Gatorade

The Butterfield team took the field first. Sean made an impressive effort as pitcher, hustling after the ball and fielding very well, setting the pace and displaying the spirit that all the players felt that day – the desire to play ball and play their best. After several good efforts and some close calls, Sean and Marcos got one out at 1st base. The Gatorade team batted well, and the Butterfield team was alert and ready to play and showed excellent teamwork in fielding the ball. On Gatorade’s last batter, Justin made a great stop in left field and tossed the ball to Megan at 2nd base, who then ran just as fast as she could to home plate to get the batter out.

Butterfield team went up to bat it was clear that our batting and base running were excellent and continuing to improve. Six batters on base before Gatorade got their first out. Gatorade got out at 2nd base, then after four more batters Gatorade got an out at 1st base. There was another out at 2nd base, then Kaylee went up to bat with the bases loaded and brought all 3 runners in home safe.

Going in to the 2nd inning, Gatorade had 2 outs more than Butterfield. Kaylee and Kristopher got 2 outs at 1st base. Matthew Hydes did a lot of hustling at Left Short Stop and he and Justin made some close plays trying to get an out at 3rd. Justin did field one of the hits that came right by 3rd base and got the runner out coming from 2nd base. And finally, Kaylee got the last batter out, for a total of 5 outs – a very good effort against good batting and base running.

So Butterfield went to bat last with 7 outs to Gatorade’s 4. They got our 2nd batter out, then we saw Elias hit a home run to clear the bases. Justin hit a Double, but then Gatorade got the next 2 batters out to tie the game. The pressure was on Butterfield to get the 12 remaining batters home safe. It looked like me might do it as 4 more batters made it around the bases, but then Gatorade got another out at 1st, then another. The Butterfield team remained determined to play their best and the last 5 batters made it home safe, including a nice home run hit by Kaylee as last batter.

Players of the Match: Kaylee, Kristohper, Justin, Megan, Matthew, Elias, Sean and Marcos

Final Score: 31 to 29 Gatorade

CIBC vs. Re/max

Both teams fielded and battled in the first innings. Tatyana Martin returned from a mid season break and made great hits to lead CIBC off. Only one run separated the teams going into the second inning but CIBC’s infield caught five and gave CIBC a 7 run lead going into the bottom of the 2nd. Re/max played well but could not catch up

Player of the Game: Tatyana Martin

Final Score: 22-16 CIBC


First Caribbean International vs. Red Sail

First Caribbean had good batting off the pitching of Red Sail in the first two innings to take a 9-3 lead going in to the pitching machine. In the third Red Sail came back with 5 runs to FCIB’s 2 to make it a 5 run ball game. Read sail came to bat and could only go 3 up /3 down this in part to a great pop up catch by the catcher Zach Scott

Players of the Match: Zach Scoot

Final Score: 13-8 FCIB

Esso vs. Bodden Beverages

Krystal Arch started on the mound for Esso and made quick work of the top of the first, seeing only 4 batters. The bats were active in the bottom of the first with Esso scoring the maximum 5 runs off a pitcher. The defense held strong in the second allowing only one run even thought the bases were loaded. The offense struggled in the bottom of the inning when Bodden Beverage allowed just three batters to come to the plate. The third inning brought out the pitching machine. It is used to give the batters a more consistent pitch to hit. The Esso defense held again, getting three of five batters out. Two outs came via a double play off a caught pop fly and tagging a runner that left the base to soon.

In the bottom of the third Esso got two more runs, one of which came off a line drive hit by Alex Harris. Bodden Beverage got two more runs in the top of the forth, closing out the scoring for the game. Nicholas Leonard also got a hit in the game.

Players of the Game: Krystal Arch, Nicholas Leonard and Alex Harris

Final Score: 7-3 Esso

Caribbean Publishing vs. Appleby

In a well fought game Appleby came out on top with a well balanced performance form the whole team. A grand slam home run from Finnegan was backed up by some great pitching and fielding! Congrats to CPC for playing hard right to the finish

Players of the Match: Finnegan

Final Score: 11-8 Appleby


Too Hot vs. Pizza Hut

Daniel Watler started with a hit to first base. Josh Dikau had a 2 base hit to bring Daniel Watler home. Josh Dikau and Josh Parsons stole home to round out the score. Tanner Hatch’s pitching was great in the second inning with three strike outs in a row, to leave the runner on base stranded. Daniel Watler had two base hits. Tanner Hatch advanced to first on a walk. Josh Dikau had a base hit to first, Josh parsons had a base hit. Andy Diaz had a great two base hit driving two runners home. The defense at the top of third inning saw catcher Josh Dikau throw to Daniel Watler at second to out the steal attempt. Andrew Welds hit the line drive past 1st base to the out field fence for a home run, driving two runs in the process.

Tanner Hatch pitched three straight outs in the top of the fourth leaving a runner stranded on first base. Joshua Dikau had three base hits in the bottom of the fourth inning and stole home in the fourth. Tanner Hatch pitched all five innings.

Players of the Match: Andrew Welds and Tanner Hatch

Final Score: 12 – 4 Too Hot

Final Touch vs. Home Gas

This was an evenly match game until the fourth inning. Fourth inning saw Final Touch come alive with Mark Weston bringing home Paul. This was an onslaught of runs. Daniel gave to excellent runs. Organized team work did the trick.

Home Gas faced an uphill battle with their final bat and despite a good effort, pitcher Lee and catcher Eric played hard right till the end of the game

Players of the Match: Daniel

Final Score 12-6 Final Touch

Olde vs. Home Gas

Olde had lack luster performance for the first part of the game, they were behind 4 runs early in the first inning. In spite of steady pitching by Caleb, Olde could not get a strike.

In the second inning Caleb turned a single back hit into a run by stealing bases.

Olde finally got something working late in the game. In the last inning Kael stole home for a well deserved second run. With the bases loaded and one out Caleb at bat Dino stole home. David stole home, Alex made it home on a steal but Howard stroke out and Caleb got caught out on third.

Players of the Match: Caleb

Final Score: 14-5 Home Gas

Home Gas vs. Olde

In a well fought game Home Gas came out on top with a well balanced performance from the whole team. 14 strikeouts by pitcher Jonny Thompson – beginning to show some playoff form – was backed up by some sharp play in the field and some hot bats. This team could be the dark horse later in the season. Congrats to Olde for playing the match in a great spirit!

Players of the Match: Jonny Thompson

Final Score: 14-5 Home Gas

Pizza Hut vs. Grand Harbour

Injuries left Pizza Hut without two regular pitchers and we turned to one of our veteran players Liam Davies to make his first start of the season on the mound. In the top of the 1st inning Liam held Cayman Grand Harbour to just one run and in the bottom of the inning Pizza Hut’s bats came to life providing Liam with 8 runs of support and a 7 run lead. Pizza Hut showed patience at the plate drawing key walks and driving in runs on hits by Fraser Barry, Eric Evans, Liam, and James Feitelberg with a big homerun. Liam continued his masterful pitching in the 2nd inning, throwing strikes and retiring the first three batters he faced, two of them on strikeouts. The 3rd inning saw Grand Harbour close the gap by scoring 4 runs and their strong pitching held Pizza Hut to only two runs. In the 4th and final inning Grand Harbour rallied to score 3 more runs before centerfielder Nikel Thomas made a spectacular running catch on a hard line drive to end the game.

Players of the Match: Liam Davies, Fraser Barry, Eric Evans, Nikel Thomas and James Feitelberg

Final Score: 15-8 Pizza Hut


Dart vs. Island Paving

The team won their first game against the top team starting strong with 5 runs in the first inning. The inning was highlighted by 2 home runs by Jordan Bush and a 2 RBI single by Philip Brown. Strong pitching by Taylor Brady kept the score low with a 5- 4 lead after three innings. Dart exploded with 4 more runs in the forth inning all driven in by Jordan Bush with a grand slam homer. Philip Brown continued with a triple in the fifth to drive the final runs. Other mentions were Michael Sullivan, 2 hits and 2 runs scored and Brandon with 2 runs and 2 walks.

Players of Match: Jordan Bush (2 Homeruns and 6 RBI’s) Tyler Brady (Pitching) and Philip Brown (2 hits ad 3 RBI’s)

Final Score: 10-5 Dart

Coldwell Banker vs. Dart

The game did not start very well for Coldwell Banker even though they were able to get two runs in the top of the first when Carlos Whittaker and Kyle Thompson scored on balls that got by the catcher. In the bottom of the first, they allowed 12 batters to come to the plate with 6 of them scoring. Four of the runs were scored by batters who got to first by being walked. Add to that a couple of hits and it was looking like Dart would have a blow out. It wasn’t much better in the second. Coldwell banker got one run back when Ben Drummond scored but that was it with two of the next three batters striking out and the third being thrown out at first. In the bottom of the inning, Dart scored another three runs making the score 9 to 2. That is where the game made a turn for the better for Coldwell Banker. The defense stiffened and didn’t allow Dart to score another run.

Jesse Parham (the third) and Carlos Whittaker (the 4th and 5th) were on the mound, keeping the batters hitting to the defense. Ian Dilbert made two great catches (his first of the season) in right field and Tanner Hatch made an inning ending grab at second. Cody Miller helped on offense with a triple in the third and double in the fifth. Tanner Hatch and Paul Westin, both from the 10-12 division, made plays to help Coldwell win the game. Paul, made the play of the game when he hit a ball through the right side of the infield that went to the fence allowing the go-ahead runs to score. He scored a few plays later on an infield grounder.

Players of the Match: Ian Dilbert and Paul Westin.

Final Score: 11-9 Coldwell Banker


Deloitte vs. KPMG

Deloitte rallied with seven runs in the final two innings to soundly defeat the previously unbeaten KPMG team 7-2 in an exciting girls softball game played on Thursday. Alexandra Terry and Racquel Rankine pitched brilliantly for Deloitte, silencing the powerful KPMG bats for the first time all season. Alexandra and Jha Thomas also had monster hits for Deloitte, and Breanna scored two runs. For KPMG, pitcher Nikki Crance struck out seven batters in three innings, allowing no runs. Catcher Kathleen Westin played a superb game defensively and had a perfect sacrifice bunt. Kim Pitta had two hits, including a triple.

Player of the Game: Alexandra Terry

Final Score 7-2 Deloitte.

The next game is between Deloitte and Crighton on May 10th.