Today’s Editorial May 16: Heaps of praise for Batabano


What place do you think about when you hear the word carnival?



How about Cayman?

We hope it’s the later.

The Cayman Islands just finished celebrating its annual carnival – Batabano.

And what a carnival it was.

Cayman’s carnival has come a long way since the Rotary Club launched it in 1984.

This year’s event was one of the biggest and best.

New this year’s was Government’s apparent stamp of approval of Batabano because permission was granted to the Cayman Carnival Batabano Committee to reproduce the Cayman flag as an official waver.

Those familiar with Caribbean carnivals know that attendees love to wave their country’s flag during concerts and street parades at carnival time.

Getting Government approval to reproduce the country’s sacred flag was a huge coup for Donna Myrie-Stephen and the committee.

Carnivals throughout the region are evident through glitzy costumes, parades and parties.

Batabano is as unique to the Cayman Islands as its name.

The word Batabano is linked to the Islands’ history in turtling and is the word given to the tracks left by turtles when they drag themselves onto the beach to nest in the sand.

The heart and soul of any Batabano are the Mas bands that express themselves through creativity, imagination and talent.

Again this year, they did not disappoint.

We’re proud of the progress Batabano has made since its inception more than 23 years ago.

We can proudly say that Batabano puts us on the carnival map with the likes of Rio, Trini and others.

With Cable and Wireless sponsorship and Government’s approval Batabano can only get bigger and better every year.

We look forward to Cayman Carnival Batabano 2008.