Prison Fellowship ongoing this week

The church and community have turned their thoughts to the men and women in prison this week.

Prison Fellowship Cayman Islands, which is a chartered member of Prison Fellowship, with members in 111 countries, are celebrating a worldwide Week of Prayer and Transformation. With more than 100,000 volunteers and 500 staff throughout the world, Prison Fellowship is the largest prison ministry organisation in the world.

There are approximately 10 million prisoners throughout the world-with over 200 prisoners in the Cayman Islands.

These are people who are routinely abandoned, forgotten, and ignored by society, yet the majority of them will eventually be released back into their communities-ready or not, states a press release.

According to recent (worldwide) statistics, 67 per cent of these released prisoners will likely commit new crimes and return to prison within three years.

‘These people will one day be part of our community,’ says Pastor Alson Ebanks, chairman of PFCI. ‘So the support and encouragement they receive from the community is crucial.’

Prison Fellowship’s Week of Prayer and Transformation reminds the church and community of their role in restoring prisoners so they are productive members of society.

This week, Prison Fellowship Cayman Islands will be joining with churches and community members to highlight the opportunities to help all those affected by crime, including prisoners, prisoners’ families, ex-prisoners, corrections and criminal justice officials, prison chaplains and victims of crime.

In Grand Cayman, Week of Prayer and Transformation will include daily mid-day meditations on Radio Cayman that focuses on prisoners, their families and those affected by crime as well as prayer times at the three local prisons on Saturday at 8.30am.