IAMCO supports crisis centre

IAMCO has signed on as the official sponsor of the Cayman Islands Crisis Centre’s Healthy Families Outreach programme and recently provided $10,000.

IAMCO is a charity based in Grand Cayman.

Since its foundation in 2004, IAMCO has helped to alleviate some of the misery caused by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, which ravaged Grenada, Jamaica and Grand Cayman before going on to hit the Florida panhandle.

Apart from the distribution of portable electricity generators, chain saws, tarpaulins and pumps, IAMCO implemented a disaster relief programme that benefited 114 households in the district of East End. IAMCO continues to provide practical help to people of the region regardless of their religious beliefs with support from benefactors such as charitable foundations, direct grants and through contributions from individuals in the community.

IAMCO operates a store in the Grand Harbour complex, which sells Catholic and Christian books, music, gifts and Bibles. Proceeds from the store supplement the donations and grants they periodically receive so that the work of the charity continues.

Nina Scott, acting executive director of the CICC remarked, ‘We are very grateful for IAMCO’s willingness to sponsor this very vital programme. We hope to reach as many persons in the Cayman Islands as possible and provide them with tools to further enrich the health and wellbeing of their families. In addition, we will inform them of all community resources available for the people of the Cayman Islands and provide referrals to whatever agencies are equipped to assist with their needs.’

The Healthy Families Outreach programme will be coordinated by the CICC’s Community Outreach Coordinator Carol Graham and will be held once a week in each of Grand Cayman’s five districts and once every few months on Cayman Brac.

The object will be to liaise with the district social worker, and community police officer and provide otherwise unreachable resources and information to families in each community. The CICC will be in each district once per month. Each week we will spend 1 hour with a guest presenter and an hour assisting participants with issues of referrals or information. A children’s activity will also be presented to work on with a staff person assigned related to bringing awareness for and healing from Family Violence in the Cayman Islands.

Community agencies will present on various subjects specific to healthy homes free of child abuse and neglect, as well as family violence. It is the hope of the CICC that taking this to the actual communities within which people reside, we will increase the access to resources and education as well as referrals for DCFS, counselling, legal services, domestic violence assistance, and Parenting resources.

CICC’s Community Outreach Coordinator Carol Graham commented, ‘As the relationship between community members and community resource agencies solidifies, it is reasonable to expect that new programming and information will be more readily accepted and more resources will be accessed.’

The CICC plans to organize the information by months, thereby allowing information to remain in context and flow from one session to the other.

The Crisis Centre in a non-profit organization who provides safe shelter for abused women and children. The CICC also has a 24 hour confidential Crisis Hotline where persons can call and talk to someone with their concerns including but not limited to domestic abuse, sexual abuse, parenting, and other family and personal concerns as well as to get referrals to the many agencies that can help. In addition, the organization provides community outreach and informational services on issues surrounding family violence and sexual abuse. If you or someone you know is being abused or having issues in their family lives call the CICC’s 24hr hotline at 943-2422.

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