HSA medical care best

In the past months there has been a great deal of negative press about the Health Services Authority in the Cayman Islands.

The particular medical procedure I needed to have was not available at Faith Hospital in Cayman Brac, and so I decided to have it done in Grand Cayman, rather than flying to the US for surgery in Miami or New York.

On the very positive side of HSA, I would like to express appreciation to the staff of George Town Hospital that I very recently had a great experience (a surgical procedure) in the Ambulatory Care Unit of that hospital.

From entering the department of Ambulatory Care and being put at ease and having fears allayed by friendly and kind nurses and assistants at the reception desk, to the Operating Theatre, gurney guided by calm and friendly folks, where the very capable doctors and anaesthetist (assisted by or nurse) performed the procedure, and afterwards to the recovery room nurses, the entire experience was gratifying.

Without a doubt my procedure at George Town Hospital was more humanely and professionally handled than other medical procedures I’ve had at hospitals in Miami, New York and Washington, DC. The service of HSA in this instance was very good; faultless.

Not only was the procedure done in a timely manner – I was not left waiting for surgery to occur for more than 15 minutes and there was someone nearby so I wasn’t left alone – but the aftercare was excellent as well. Even lunch, after recovery, which was offered to me as I was hungry as a crab after 16 hours without eating or drinking, was fine – sweet and sour mahi-mahi, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables and red grapes for dessert – certainly as delicious to a post-op patient as the best that 7 Mile Beach eateries can offer, and served in the inimitable Da Kine, Caymans style Styrofoam take-out box!

So many times we criticize Health Services Authority – but they are surely doing some things right, especially in the Ambulatory Care Unit at George Town Hospital.

As an older member of the Brac community – a grateful resident of Cayman Brac for 23 years – I am most appreciative of HSA.

Nan Socolow
Cayman Brac

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