Song asks WICB to “take a rest”

A satirical calypso, suggesting that the West Indies Cricket Board ‘Take a Rest’ has been recorded by Dave Martins, of the Tradewinds band, and is being distributed to radio stations across the Caribbean, said a press release.

The song pokes traditional calypso fun at the WICB which has been beset in recent times by a series of controversies and complaints regarding its administration of the sport.

In a brief write-up accompanying the CD, Martins says that as the administration of Caribbean cricket has gone from bad to worse, with the prospects, as Tony Cozier puts it, of ‘sliding into oblivion’, cries for the removal or the re-structuring of the West Indies Cricket Board have fallen on deaf ears.

‘I believe that where appeals to reason and national pride have failed, a comedic song, addressed to the Board, may propel the desired result,’ he said. ‘In my career, I’ve learned that sometimes the message, coated in laughter, can have an effect when the serious message is ignored.’

The song was recorded by the Tradewinds at Hopscotch Studios in Grand Cayman, where the band has been based since 1982. In addition to Martins, the recording features Clive Rosteing, Jeff Japal, Richard Terry and Harry Cupid.

It has been sent to stations all over the Caribbean. In its final verse the writer proposes that individuals should put up signs all over the region, asking the WICB to ‘Take a Rest.’, i.e., resign or restructure.

‘If we get a real campaign going in each island, simple signs all over the place, even bumper stickers, it might do the trick,’ Mr. Martins said.

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