Hot softball action at Field of Dreams

Softball is one of the sports on Grand Cayman widely played by mostly South Americans of all ages and both genders.

Anyone who was at the Field Of Dreams in George Town on Sunday afternoon would have been spoilt for choice as there was a serious men’s game going on between the island’s two top sides and two games involving players who like the more gentle slow pitch version.

The match between the Jose Escape Pirates and Columbia brought out a sizeable band of supporters for both teams. Latin dance music blared from huge speakers and pumped up players discussed tactics before the first match of a three-game series to decide who is Cayman’s best softball team.

Columbia started well hitting two home runs before the Pirates settled. The Pirates comprise of mostly Nicaraguans who use softball as a way of keeping fit and maintaining a community spirit.

Pirates pitcher Rupert Whitaker was in sublime form, whizzing the ball underarm at terrific speed. Top Pirates players were Johnny Johnson who hit one run and was defensively outstanding and Luis Clarke who hit a grand slam. The Columbians couldn’t cope and did not score again, eventually losing 12-2.

Player coach Marlon Thomas was pleased with the Pirates performance. He hit a run himself and said: ‘Initially there was a great atmosphere with the Columbians hitting two early on, but then we took control. Rupert, our pitcher, was the main reason for them not scoring. He was very fast and accurate.

‘Our Cuban player Eudelides Matos contributed a lot too. He hit two runs and was defensively superb.’

The next match is at the same venue on Sunday from 4pm and the series has been extended to best of five.

Caymanian businessman Jose Webster sponsors the Pirates. He said: ‘I’ve been sponsoring them for 18 years and thoroughly enjoyed it.’

In the Government League Slow Pitch games Immigration beat GIS 14-6 and Computer Services were 21-7 winners against the Sports Department.

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