Planes collide runway

An American Airlines 737 clipped the wing of a British Airways plane Tuesday evening at Owen Roberts airport, causing minimal damage but disrupting at least one of the aircraft’s flight schedules.

According to a 911 report the British Airways plane, while parked on the runway, had its wing bumped by the American Airlines craft which was rolling into the gate.

The report said there were ‘minor damages’ to the wing of the British Airways plane, but no visible damage to the AA craft.

Flight records showed the British Airways plane’s departure was delayed by more than three hours due to the incident.

No one on either plane was hurt.

According to passengers on the American Airlines plane, the pilot appeared to miss the parking line on the runway by four or five feet, taking the 737 too close to the British Airways plane.

‘There was this sort of shuddering, grinding noise and the (American) plane’s wing just grazed past the British Airways plane,’ said passenger Lindsey Turnbull. ‘People were boarding the BA flight, I think, when we (the American Airlines flight) grazed the wing.’

Ms Turnbull said the American Airlines passengers got off the plane as normal. British Airways passengers were also taken off their plane while pilot and ground crews inspected the craft.

‘The British Airways pilot immediately got off the plane. He and the American Airlines pilot were (standing on the runway) sort of scratching their heads looking up at the wings,’ she said.

Another passenger, who did not want to be named, told the Caymanian Compass the wings touching made no more noise than an aircraft cargo hold opening.

‘If you weren’t paying attention, you might not have noticed it,’ the passenger said.

The incident is being investigated by the Cayman Islands Civil Aviation Authority.

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