Roads make bad impression

I read with interest the article regarding Mr. Arden McLean’s outline for road repairs in George Town.

However I believe that once again the government is missing the point completely.

The road works have now been going on for over two months, during which time approximately 150,000 cruise ship passengers have visited Grand Cayman and have been welcomed by a dirty and dusty waterfront. Cayman has become one of the most popular cruise ports in the Western Caribbean by being a clean and safe place to visit.

How many of the 150,000 visitors have come away from Cayman with a negative view of us as a destination when we cannot even provide a clean and pleasant downtown area?

There is increasing competition in the region between cruise ports as state of the art facilities are developed in partnership with the cruise lines.

As an example Puerto Costa Maya in Mexico has just welcomed it 2 millionth cruise guest in less than five years of operation, which is remarkable growth. The facilities at Costa Maya are world class and are in many ways far superior to what is available in Cayman.

I find it laughable that the Minister is laying partial blame for the road conditions on George Town merchants washing off the sidewalks in front of their properties. Sharing the blame out to others is not the way to deal with this. Let’s refocus on the issue at hand.

Cayman cannot afford for one tourist to leave us with a negative attitude of our islands. As a country we definitely cannot afford for our own government and utilities to treat our tourism industry with such casual disrespect as has been evident over the last two months.

Brynley Davies

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