Today’s Editorial July 20: Enforce Cayman’s littering laws

It’s great to see police officers making good on promises of action.

And it’s even better to see that they’re being backed up by the legal department.

A woman was arrested in West Bay at the end of May for tossing a water bottle out of the window of her car. She’s headed to court to answer the charge next month.

Sound drastic?

It is.

Is it necessary?

You bet.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for there to be as much litter on Grand Cayman as there is.

What if every driver behind the wheel of every car in the Cayman Islands decided to toss an empty water bottle out of the vehicle window and onto the roadway?

We’d be a country covered in empty water bottles.

West Bay Police Commander Angelique Howell promised earlier this year that her team of officers was going to crack down on those who litter.

She’s making good her promise.

It’s a shame, though, that members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service have to spend their time nabbing littering humans when they could be focusing on more serious crimes.

Just how hard is it to keep trash in your vehicle and dump it in your own waste bin when you get home?

From the use of the free waste bins in North Side, it must be pretty hard.

In that district old oak rum barrels have been strategically placed with signage telling roadway users to toss their trash. They’re doing it and North Side’s roads and byways are cleaner for it.

It takes the efforts of Mitzi Tomlinson and the Beautification Committee to monitor the barrels, but it is a simple programme that’s working.

Maybe West Bay needs to take a lesson from North Side. The littering signs that have been put up in West Bay may be a deterrent, but if not, we’re sure Ms Howell and her staff will continue to charge people with littering.

We hope they do.

And we hope other officers throughout the Cayman Islands take similar action when they see someone littering.

There is a Litter Law on the books that allows for a $500 fine as well as a possible six month stint in jail.

It’s time for the law to be enforced.

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