Squash player to help grow sport in Cayman

An international squash player intends to help grow the sport in Cayman.

Mark Chaloner, a former top ten player in the world and the current president of the Professional Squash Association (PSA), was featured in a squash extravaganza in June.

He played against in-ternational players Alister Walker and Alex Gough along with local juniors.

Chaloner has won med-als for England at the 1998 and 2002 Commonwealth Games. He helped England win 5 European champion-ships along with the world team championship in 1995.

‘I hope to bring more at-tention to the sport over here and to Cayman in general. When I moved here, I sparked a lot of in-terest in the international squash community,’ Cha-loner said.

Chaloner moved to Cayman permanently in 2005. He lives on Grand Cayman with his wife, Cayman National Cham-pion Caroline.

Chaloner had visited Cayman roughly three times previously. His last visit to Cayman was when Hurricane Ivan hit. He stayed throughout the storm at Vista Caribe.

Chaloner says he sees a lot of potential in Cayman due to its high level of fa-cilities and pubic interest.

‘The squash facility here is good. It has solid courts and overall meets interna-tional standards.

‘Squash is really active here. I see a lot of people show up to play games. It’s a sport that encompasses juniors and the more ma-ture age group while pro-viding a social scene that gives you a good workout. The juniors here are much keener and have more role models here than a lot of other places I have been to.’

Chaloner went on to say he hopes to be a source of encouragement to young people and the sport in Cayman.

‘I want the youngsters to look at different options. They can become coaches or professional players. I want to inspire people to play more.

‘Involvement of pros in any sport tends to start a wave of enthusiasm and awareness. That’s what I want to do for squash.’

According to Chaloner, the future of Cayman squash looks very bright.

‘Cayman squash has a great future. It’s moving in the right direction. It’s making inroads to get a team recognized at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

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