Surf Challenge a go for next year

An annual jet-ski competition is set to build on its winning formula.

According to event organizer Shane ‘Nobee’ Edwards, the 2008 East End Surf Challenge (EESC) should offer a more professional, safer race than previous editions.

‘We have people now working on rules, regulations and race marshalling. We’re also working on getting a bigger leader board.

‘I want to get the riders to feel like stars. At the same time, I want people to be fully aware of the rules so that there can be a fair, safe race for all.’

The EESC is expected to take place on Hero’s Day, 28 January 2008. The race will be among a variety of activities for the holiday weekend of 25-28 January.

Last year’s EESC saw other happenings around the race. They included a music concert, a football competition and a fish tea cook-off.

‘For the last 7 years we’ve always had other things going on around the race like the Fish Tea Cook-off. I hope to see a lot of those same things again next year.’

The event will be hosted as usual by jet ski racing squad Team 2Frenzied. The 2007 version of the EESC featured roughly 8 teams and about 24 riders.

Edwards says he’s hoping next year’s event can attract a larger turnout.

‘We’re hoping to have more people next time around. The public is welcome to sign up to ride.

‘We eventually would like the race to tie in with the Go East Initiative. I can see the competition as part of a family fun day with a party after the race.’

According to Edwards, Team 2Frenzied is a civic-minded group that looks to use the event to better the community.

‘Our team has people that contribute around the island. Wherever possible, we give back to the community. By doing so we feel that we are building our team.’

Team 2Frenzied has branched off into two business entities. The first is a company named 2Frenzied Ltd that oversees different team-related matters such as boat up-keep.

The other is a non-profit organization called the 2Frenzied Foundation. Edwards says the foundation is working on a number of community plans. Among them is a scheme to buy jet-skis for those less-fortunate.

For more information or to sponsor the event, contact the team at [email protected] or visit their website at

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