Sweet Mandarin book signing

Visitors to the Galleria Plaza last Saturday couldn’t have failed to notice the crowds that had flocked to the Book Nook for the book signing of Helen Tse’s memoir Sweet Mandarin.

Well over two hundred people piled into the Book Nook for the two-hour event.

Governor Mr. Stuart Jack, who has already read his copy, managed to secure a copy of the hardback for his three grown-up children. One can only assume that wife, Mariko, will be borrowing his well thumbed copy on her return to Cayman.

Karen Ryan of Crewe Road was one of several attendees who had likewise already bought and read the memoir. With autographed book in hand she had only positive things to say about the book about three generations of strong women.

‘It only took it me three days to get through it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sweet Mandarin and found it a real page turner,’ she said.

‘Helen Tse has a profound understanding of the hardships and sacrifices faced by her mother and grandmother. It covered such universal themes and so I could really relate to the book coming myself from a family of independent women.’

Another attendee and fellow Walkers attorney, Ian Gobin, called the book ‘an outstanding story of struggle and success.’

The event, sponsored by Walkers, was attended by some of the firm’s top brass including Philip Paschalides and Mark Lewis. Speaking of their employee’s success, Mr. Lewis said: ‘We hired Helen in the usual manner and found suddenly that we had a best selling author in our midst.

‘What we liked about the book is its message about family, tradition and origins and that where ever in the world we go we take these with us.[Many of us] are from somewhere else, here in the Cayman Islands, but all of us have something to offer.’

Mr. Lewis also applauded the author for taking on high school visits as a way of giving something back to the local community.

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