These patties offer a twist

Turtle meat adds kick

Cayman Bakery Ltd. has come up with a product that represents the true flavour, spirit and people of these islands.

The owners behind Cayman turtle patties

The owners behind Cayman turtle patties – Bernie Bush and Dave Byran.

Packed full of Caymanian secrets and seasonings, the Cayman turtle patty is one of a kind.

Made from the meat of the green sea turtle infused with natural seasoning and encased in a flaky golden brown crust, the patty can be consumed in just a few delicious bites. It also goes well with fruit juice or red wine.

‘We wanted to give visitors a taste of something that is indigenous of the islands; something that would stand out in their minds when they returned home,’ said Dave Bryan co-owner of the product with Bernie Bush.

‘Although similar in looks but not in taste to the beef patty, the turtle patty is something authentic to these islands,’ said Mr. Bryan.

‘A lot of visitors come to the islands and never get a chance to try our national dish, turtle stew. The turtle patty, which can be held in hand and eaten anywhere and anytime will do just that.’

Mr. Bryan said the secret to his delicious tasting patties came from no other than a native born Caymanian who knows how to properly prepare and season the meat.

According to natives there is an art in preparing good turtle stew and every Caymanian cook has secrets. The seasonings are few and simple and the absolute key to succulent stew is very slow cooking.

Unlike the turtle stew, which is made from a mix of cheaper cuts of meat, including the bone, green jelly-like fat and menabolins (organ meats, flippers and other parts), the turtle patty will contain just the meat from the green sea turtle.

‘Because turtle meat is more expensive than the beef used to make regular patties, the price will be a little bit higher. We are not planning to supply the main public at this time but we do offer a cocktail turtle patty that can be purchased on order.

‘Right now we are focusing more on the hospitality and hotel industry.’

According to co-owner Bernie Bush, the company has had good reports and compliments.

He said a gentleman who tried the bullas (flavoured buns) found them so good he shipped 100 to Jamaica because he was so impressed with the taste and quality.

Mr, Bernie also said in keeping with the idea of introducing young minds to the art of baking, he has employed young Caymanians to learn the business trade.

Cayman turtle patty recipe consists of flour, curry powder, salt, margarine, shortening and water, turtle meat, onion, thyme and bread crumbs.

Cayman Bakery Ltd. opened in 2006 and located at the four way stop West Church Street, West Bay, also produces a wide rage of other baked goods such as buns, breads and beef and chicken patties. For orders persons can call the bakery at 943-2253, 916-6030 or 329-6278.

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