For sale cars towed this week

The Cayman Islands government has promised for more than a year to remove for sale vehicles along a stretch of West Bay Road across from the Treasure Island resort.

This coming Wednesday, Roads and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean said any cars remaining there will be towed.

‘The tow away zone will be enforced,’ Mr. McLean said. ‘Any vehicles there will be towed at their owner’s expense.’

After a lengthy debate over the issue Mr. McLean said it was determined that the cars, parked on a narrow strip of grass, were actually on Crown property. No parking signs were put up 4 July.

‘The reason those…cars are still there is because…I didn’t realise it was government property,’ he said.

Planning laws are being drafted that will address how privately owned land can be used and specify the penalties of using land for purposes outside of its approved use.

But Mr. McLean has previously said the absence of those laws would not affect the removal vehicles parked on public land.

Any car owners whose vehicles are towed can get them back. However, according to the Cayman Islands Litter Law (1997 Revision) those car owners must pay any expenses incurred by the government for removal and storage.

Those charges are not specifically set out under the Litter Law.

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