NS kids help save tigers

North Side Primary summer camp youngsters are spending time keeping up on studies as well as helping save tigers in the wild.

Using the theme Save the Tiger to generate writing and creative reading as part of their summer camp activities the group were busy selling lemonade at Chisholm’s Supermarket in North Side Thursday.

The proceeds, along with a hand written letter by one youngster, will be mailed off to the National Fish and Wild Life Foundation in Washington DC to its Save The Tiger Fund.

The letter will explain how the group found the website, how the money was raised and how the foundation can use the money to help educate people about tigers in the wild.

‘We wanted to come up with something entirely different from what the other schools were doing, which would also teach the children about charity work,’ said camp Co-ordinator Erica Daniel.

‘After learning from the Internet that wild tigers were diminishing the youngsters adopted the animal as the camp’s mascot.

‘Youngsters were then asked to submit a name for the tiger mascot. This was won by Aundray Whittaker who came up with the name Harry.

‘So interested were the students about saving the tiger a den was constructed, a rap song written and youngsters heard numerous stores about their favourite mascot,’ said Ms Daniel.

Save The Tiger Fund sponsors attempt to stop the killing of wild tigers and enable wild tigers to recover and flourish, while empowering people to live in balance with natural resources and providing tangible benefits to them whenever possible.

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