Making an excellent choice

When my daughter Joyce (who is soon off to University) had her sixth birthday I went to pick her up at her pre-school.

On my arrival all the children were wearing their little pointy paper hats and singing Joyce the birthday song. Joyce had received a number of nice presents from her little friends so I felt obligated to do something in return.

I announced that all the children and their parents were invited out for burgers, fries and chicken fingers that evening.

Yaaa they screamed….. “Let’s go to Wendy’s.”

No, no said another….. “Let’s go to Burger King.”

‘No way,’ said one little blonde girl. “Pizza Hut…Pizza Hut this where I wanna go.”

The excitement and shouting began to amplify, so I interrupted

“OK everyone, quiet, quiet. Let Joyce decide… after all it’s her birthday…”

The teachers, parents and most of the children nodded in agreement.

Joyce where would you like to go this evening for your birthday dinner?

In Joyce’s typical shy poise, and to my approval, she announces “Durty Reid’s. “

That Monday night at Reid’s some NFL fans watching the TV, wearing their teams jersey were not too impressed with my huge table full of screaming children sipping sodas and chomping on fries.

One irritated customer filed a complaint with Reid.

Reid said., “I’ll take care of them little brats, I know how to shut em up.”

Reid went to the TV… changed the channel to cartoons… and everyone hushed.

G Nowak aka Barefoot Man

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