A Touch of Summer Rugby

A Rugby summer league recently saw its first games.

The Androgroup Summer Mixed Touch League saw its first matches the week of 28 July. There were 14 matches played, all at the South Sound Rugby Pitch.

In the social conference, Z99 beat Appleby 4-3, Blue Bison beat Deloitte 9-3, Candy Wackys drew 3-3 with Deloitte 2, KPMG beat Grizz’ Old Fellas 8-5, Fortis beat Walkers 6-5, and USB 2 beat Goldman Sachs 11-3.

In addition, H Proportions beat RedStripes 13-3, Stingers beat USB 1 9-6, Walkers beat Rawlinson & Hunter 6-0, Fortis beat Ogier 3-1 and finally Grizz’ Old Fellas beat Maples & Calder 3 by forfeit.

In the premier conference, Dark & Stormies beat Caybrew Maidens 6-2, OTIS AC 5 Nations beat Corona 7-0 and Maples & Calder 1 beat Maples & Calder 2 5-1.

After the first week of play, Fortis has the most points with 6 while Grizz Old Fellas and Walkers each have 4 points.

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