Former Registrar of Lands dies

Kenneth Charles Dunlop, who served as Cayman’s Registrar of Lands from 1977 to 1986, died in Sussex, England on 21 July after a short illness. He was 81.

Mr. Dunlop was remembered for his contribution as Registrar of Lands by real estate broker J.C. Calhoun.

‘CIREBA brought Ken back to Cayman in 1997 to honour him for his many years of work with the Land Registry,’ Mr. Calhoun said. ‘His teaching of the current Caymanian Registry staff enabled the real estate profession to flourish in that it made dealing with title and registration issues so easy.’

Mr. Calhoun called Lands and Survey in the days of Mr. Dunlop ‘the most user-friendly of all government departments’.

Mr. Dunlop is also remembered as a sportsman. Bobby Nunes, who once served as secretary general of the Cayman Islands Olympic Committee and as president of the Cayman Islands Cycling Association, said Mr. Dunlop was a good cyclist.

‘He was an active and competitive cyclist and he eventually came on the committee,’ said Mr. Nunes. ‘He was also a keen squash player, and was a member of the committee of the squash club. He was a true sportsman.’

Mr. Nunes said Mr. Dunlop was also a friend.

‘He was a very honest and decent man.’

Former Caymanian Olympic Cyclist Craig Merren, who met Mr. Dunlop through the Cycling Association, remembered him as a generous and nice person.

‘He was a real English gentleman,’ he said. ‘He really respected the culture of the Cayman Islands. He was a good example of what people ought to be when they go to another country.’

Mr. Dunlop is survived by his wife Wendy, his daughter Jill and son Colin.

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