Professionals to come to

Plans are in place to have pro riders at the island’s major jet ski event.

According to organizer of Jet Around Cayman Kenny Rankin, talks are ongoing to bring an international jet ski team to the 2008 Jet Around Cayman.

‘The next step for Jet Around Cayman is to bring professional race and stunt riders down here and throw them into the mix. Exposure to international talent is going to throw Cayman’s riders over the top.

‘We are in touch with an overseas organisation putting this in place, as we speak.’

Neither the name of the riders nor that of the team was disclosed. The cost of bringing in the riders and their equipment was also not stated.

Rankin says he wants to build on the momentum of this year’s event. He felt the level of competition was better than expected.

‘For me, Jet Around Cayman is only as successful as its riders and this year’s pack was one of the best I have ever seen. They are young, hungry and ready to take anything the sport can dish out.’

Rankin went on to say he thought the venue of this year’s JAC was another positive aspect.

‘A lot of things worked for us this year, including the venue Public Beach. Thanks to a strong, years-long partnership with Leo’s Club, we were afforded the opportunity to return to Public Beach for the race. The site was perfect, spacious and well-equipped.’

The added international competition and exposure are expected to boost the appeal of JAC. To deal with added publicity, Rankin hopes to host the event again at Public Beach.

‘Finding a home for Jet Around Cayman venue-wise has been the biggest challenge we have faced. Any event that attracts between five and six thousand teens, young adults and partiers is going to have its growing pains.

‘We would like this to be the first of many at Public Beach.’

At the end of the day, Rankin feels JAC will only get better as the quality of the riders improve.

‘This year has made me excited for the years to come, as it’s clear that the sport is gaining momentum in the community.

‘For me, it’s been awe-inspiring to see riders like Jason Smith, Vance Ramgeet, George Smith and Billy Ebanks blossom into riders of pro-quality. And the support these guys get from the island is superb. That’s what measures the success of the event for me.’

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