Sotheby’s forum slated for CI

The third Sotheby’s International Realty Fall Forum will take place in the Cayman Islands at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman from 15-18 October.

An estimated 350 Sotheby’s Realty franchise owners and top managers will attend the Fall Forum, which will be held outside of the United States for the first time.

Cayman Islands Sotheby’s Realty owner Sheena Conolly said she is overjoyed to have Grand Cayman host the event.

‘[It] will be one of the most significant gatherings ever to embrace our shores,’ said Mrs. Conolly.

Cayman was chosen to host the event over London, England and Aspen, Colorado.

Mrs. Conolly said the selection was partially a reflection of the success her company has had since acquiring the Sotheby’s master franchise for the Cayman Islands 18 months ago.

‘[Sotheby’s] seems very pleased with our transition,’ she said. ‘And they wanted to come to where they have a strong affiliate.

‘The Ritz-Carlton also played a role, definitely.’

Sotheby’s has more than 400 offices globally, and the Fall Forum is expected to attract people from all over the world.

‘Not only are these worldwide owners influential in their own countries, but they are potential investors in their own right,’ Mrs. Conolly said. ‘This Fall Forum provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the Island’s many strengths and attributes.’

Mrs. Conolly said the exact programme for the forum has not been completely worked out. At past Sotheby’s forums, famous keynote speakers – including Barbara Walters – have been used, but Mrs. Conolly said she did not know if this Fall Forum would fly in a keynote speaker.

Mrs. Conolly said she hopes to have a few surprises in store for the gathering, to go with some already planned items.

‘One of the things we’ll be doing is visiting several properties on the market to show how good of a value Cayman is compared to the rest of the Caribbean,’ she said.

‘The Caribbean is a preferred choice for those looking across the globe for second or third vacation homes.’

Wendy Purvey, senior vice president marketing for Sotheby’s International Realty said she looked forward to learning more about the Cayman market.

‘We are pleased with the final selection of Grand Cayman and The Ritz-Carlton as this will give your local office an opportunity to bring to the fore the many attributes and benefits of purchasing Cayman realty through our global network of offices.’

Mrs. Conolly said she was often surprised at the lack of knowledge of overseas investors about the Cayman Islands, especially when compared to some of the regional neighbours.

‘What a phenomenal opportunity for us to promote the delights of our islands via the world’s most prestigious real estate connections,’ she said.

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