Lightning may have caused water outage

A lightening strike may have been behind a water outage Friday night that left about 75 per cent of West Bay without water for between 20 and 30 minutes.

Greg McTaggart, vice-president of Cayman Water Company’s Cayman operations said it appeared a lightning strike at around 9pm in the vicinity of the company’s West Bay plant caused distribution pumps to shut themselves down.

Maintenance workers attended the plant and services were resumed after the pumps were restarted.

‘Ordinarily, even if power goes out, we don’t lose our high service distribution pump as there is a backup generator and an automatic switching mechanism.

‘For some reason the protection systems on the pumps got tripped out and they had to be manually reset,’ he said.

‘It was unfortunate that it happened and we apologise for the inconvenience. It was a lightning strike so it was a little bit out of our control but we certainly apologise. We try to minimise that kind of thing.’

Cayman Water Company provides water to all of Seven Mile Beach and West Bay.

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