Gov’t downplays Landfill, Red Bay Plaza fears

As Hurricane Dean approached Grand Cayman Friday, Government figures sought to allay fears about unsecured debris at the George Town Landfill and the recently demolish Red Bay Plaza.

DEH Assistant Director Sean McGinn said DEH staff has been putting extra layers of marl on the landfill through the week so that nothing will blow around.

‘We are also putting extra precautions into the tires and the scrap metal that is there,’ he said.

Mr. McGinn explained the scrap metal had been compacted together and then weighed down with heavy items like crushed cars and crushed metal bails.

‘We’re quite confident (that the landfill does not pose a risk to residents)’, Mr. McGinn said.

At Friday’s Cabinet press briefing Communications, Works and Infrastructure Minister Arden McLean explained he was not worried about the metal bails because they weighted between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds each.

Mr. McLean also assured residents that all dangerous debris at Red Bay Plaza, which was demolished Thursday, would be removed by Friday afternoon.

He said the NRA decided to proceed with the demolition of the complex because they thought the site would have been even more dangerous if left as it was.

‘Let me explain that at the Red Bay plaza, they had already started to take out all the doors and all the windows and stuff, so it was going to be more dangerous for us to leave it there because the top was going to fly off,’ he said.

‘It was scheduled to be demolished this week and we thought about that (the fact that Hurricane Dean was approaching). Because it was already stripped to a certain degree, we decided to go ahead with it.

‘I can assure the public that all the material that will potentially fly in a storm will be removed by midday today (Friday),’ Mr McLean said.

Some heavy concrete will remain at the site, he said, but it is too heavy to pose any risk to life or property.

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