West Bay sees minor damage

Widespread but relatively minor damage could be seen throughout the district of West Bay Monday in the hours following Cayman’s brush with Hurricane Dean.

Shortly after police lifted a curfew, motorists driving along West Bay Road near Public Beach were brought to a temporary halt by sand and other debris that high waves and wind had pushed across the street.

Drivers were forced to navigate downed tree limbs and rocks that were strewn across the road.

A few fallen trees could be seen just before the four-way stop in West Bay.

Some lower-lying homes along Northwest Point Road had water in their backyards on Monday afternoon as waves crashed against the iron shore. A few of those homes took minimal amounts of water during the storm.

There were no reports of any injuries in West Bay, although the West Bay police station number was temporarily knocked out of service, and callers needing police service were directed to call a cell phone number.

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