Dean has prisoner nervous

As Hurricane Dean made an uncertain approach toward the Caribbean, it appears those in police custody werealso getting nervous about ensuring their houses are secured.

In Summary Court Wednesday, Defence Attorney John Furniss made what he described as an unusual bail application – that his client, Mr. Mario Manderson, be allowed to leave custody during the day to fix his leaking roof and then return again to custody in the evening.

The court heard that the property that Mr. Manderson’s wife and child live in had a problem with the roof that has become worse since Mr. Manderson was taken into custody. Mr. Manderson is charged with two counts of burglary, carrying an offensive weapon, and possession of ganja.

Mr. Manderson’s wife rang her husband Tuesday evening, saying that the roof was now leaking so bad that everything was getting soaked in the house when it rained, Mr. Furniss explained.

He acknowledged that Mr. Manderson had only been taken into custody after being arrested while already on bail for the original offences he had been charged with, but said having Mr. Manderson back in custody at night-time would mitigate the risk of him getting himself into trouble. Mr. Furness asked that the bail application only apply until trial resumed next week.

However Magistrate Hall said she was not swayed by the application. She asked that Mr. Manderson’s trial instead be resumed as soon as possible and remanded him to return to court at 10am today.

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