Animals safe from Dean

Thanks to animal lovers in the community, 89 dogs and 46 cats found shelter from Hurricane Dean.

The appeal was issued by the Humane Society for persons willing to foster the cats and dogs during the storm.

‘Every effort was made to find homes for the animals because the shelter is located on a low lying area,’ said shelter manager Sugar Evans.

‘Whenever there is a hurricane we have to evacuate the animals to safer grounds, but thanks to the community we did very well with fostering the animals.

‘Appleby fostered 25 adult dogs and 10 puppies. The general public was also good in providing homes,’ said Ms Evans.

‘Residents who heard the cry for help on the radio and the television kept calling to see if we had fostered out all the animals.

‘We did have enough cages and supplies to evacuate the animals, so when people came to pick up animals we were able to send the necessary supplies home with them,’ she said.
There were no calls of any problems from the homes that fostered the animals but there were a lot of calls from people in the community who wanted a place for their animals. ‘Unfortunately the shelter could not take them. We did get two puppies dropped off at the shelter whether we had room for them or not. We had to foster them out as well,’ she said.

Ms Evans said some of the dogs and cats were returned on Tuesday and the balance should be coming in on Wednesday.

Ms Evans said during a hurricane the animals are generally housed upstairs at the shelter but help from the community to foster the animals during a hurricane is a much better alternative.

On Sunday, the shelter will be sending 16 puppies off to Fort Lauderdale where the shelter has set up an adoption programme. ‘It has a very good adoption rate, said Ms Evans.

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