C&W maintained communication

Cable and Wireless’s full range of telecommunication services locally and internationally remained operational and serving its customers throughout Hurricane Dean even through the height of the storm and continued to perform well in its aftermath.

The company invoked the Alert phase of its hurricane preparedness plan on 16 August and followed the plan precisely throughout the days leading up to the storm and all the way through it, states a press release. The Crisis Management team chaired by Donnie Forbes and Albert Anderson met every day to ensure that the company was well prepared and coordinated in its response to the storm.

‘I am very pleased with the hard work of our staff to ensure that all bases were covered and that we were so well prepared for Hurricane Dean. Our overriding objective was keeping our customers connected’ said Albert Anderson CMT Chairperson.

The company’s Category 5 rated building, One Technology Square was the main operations centre where the company expert telecommunication technicians worked throughout the storm to ensure top quality service and reliability. The facility also sheltered 198 people, comprised of staff, their dependents, key contractors and security teams. Despite losing power, the OTS site was powered by one of its two redundant standby power generating systems. Several other company sites in Grand Cayman also ran on standby power.

‘With a full and diverse range of services including landline, mobile, data and Broadband Internet to maintain, there were all hands on deck, in an outstanding display of professionalism and teamwork. We are very happy to say that Cable & Wireless yet again demonstrated its competence and resilience that testify to the many years and huge sums we have invested in our world-class network and team’ said Chief Executive Tim Adam.

The company’s retail stores in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac as well as its other offices were open for business as normal on Tuesday morning. For information more information and Cable & Wireless news customers click on cw.ky.

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