Poll: Auditor General gets good review

More than 60 per cent of the people who had an opinion in the latest caycompass.com online poll think Auditor General Dan Duguay is doing a pretty good or great job.

During his tenure as auditor general, Mr. Duguay’s office has published several highly critical reports concerning the public administration of the previous government. Most recently, he issued a special report on the financing arrangements for the Boatswain’s Beach project that criticised the entire Board of Directors of the Cayman Turtle Farm Limited.

Of the 340 people who responded to the poll, 79 (23.3 per cent) said they did not know what kind of job Mr. Duguay was doing.

But 105 people (30.9 per cent of the total and 40.2 per cent of people with an opinion) thought he was doing a great job.

‘He’s fair, unbiased and committed to his job,’ said one respondent.

‘Finally; an auditor general whose not the lackey of politicians,’ said another person.

Fifty-four other respondents (15.9 per cent of the total or 20.7 per cent of those with an opinion) thought he was doing a pretty good job.

‘His reporting is fine and fair, but he is allowing himself to become too politicised,’ said one respondent. ‘Why not look at some things that the public rarely sees or hears – like the statutory authorities and how ministers make the decisions instead of the statutory authorities.’

Most respondents with an opinion of Mr. Duguay’s job performance either loved him or hated him; only 36 people (10.6 per cent) thought he was doing a fair job and none of those people made any comments.

However, 66 people (19.4 percent of the total or 25.3 per cent of those with an opinion) thought Mr. Duguay was doing a terrible job.

‘I think the power is getting to his head,’ said one respondent. ‘He needs to be careful so that he is reviewed as fair and impartial – politics is a finicky business.’

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