Shelter workers did good

Those who ran our shelters did a marvellous job through Dean.

I was in West Bay Auditorium. This is my fourth trip to a shelter.

I have never seen a more prepared or better run shelter. Yes, we have to give up our privacy but I was quite confident that we would be cared for and safe. The people of West Bay are very lucky.

Our shelter manager took care of us with a soft heart and strong mind. She and her team were very capable and our shelter in West Bay was very well run.

I was also surprised to see that the shelter was not full.

I heard a lot of complaining last week that there was not a plan or enough shelter space.

On the contrary; there was room for many more. Since we were originally expecting a direct hit, I was shocked that more people were not checking in.

I guess we have more than ample shelter space in place. Thank you NHC for your plan and ability to execute that plan.

A. Ebanks and family

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