Teenagers take on healthy lifestyles

The Lifestyles for Teens group began this past January, prompted by a desperate telephone call from a young lady in West Bay. ‘I’m 15 years old, overweight and feeling really bad about myself.’

Justifiable, the time had come to recommence work with Cayman’s youth. Unfortunately, for some reason, that young lady never did show up, but others did.

Thanks to a Triple C School PTA meeting invitation and word of mouth, teenagers began showing up to test the waters of lifestyle change and weight loss. The faithful who have followed through can each boast of a significant weight loss, changes in eating habits and certainly higher self-esteem. There is a joking and lightness in the Tuesday afternoon group as these dedicated teens join together to battle the pudginess of youth and train for greater health and fitness.

Hats off the parents who are helping their children invest in a healthier future. Occasionally, an interested parent sits in to listen to the weekly presentation or watch the planned activity for that day.

Each week, the group of teens head home with a host of new ideas for snacks, lunches, handling stress and homework, getting active and making their dreams come true. The group (initially all girls) became even more interesting when the first guy showed up.

Parents can expect good things from the Lifestyles program, the support material and experience shared by this ‘formerly fat teen’. What happens at home, however, constitutes a commitment on the part of the family to assist. Support and guidance is offered through Lifestyles with Donna in this area as well.

While escaping the ‘diet trap’ mentality, teens attending the Lifestyles group are educated in nutrition concepts, health concerns as well as coping skills for handling ‘pizza nights’ with friends.

The fee is kept moderate enough at $12 weekly for those on a six or eight week plan. Drop-ins are welcome for $15 per week. Weekly moderate activity is included with a group vote on the activity of choice: basketball, dance, stretch and upbeat walking to music are favoured.

Students facing exams can benefit in learning techniques for coping with stress, managing to meet their goals while maintaining healthy eating patterns.

There are so many concerns expressed about weight and health issues of children and teens today. Lifestyles, with Donna has proven solutions.


The Lifestyles for Teens program will begin again when school resumes in September. Those interested in follow-up information, please send your email address to – [email protected]. (note there no e at the end of the word style).

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