Poll: Not many listening to LA

Less than 16 per cent of the respondents of the most recent caycompass.com online poll say they listen to the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly at least fairly regularly.

Thirty-two people (9.4 per cent) of the 341 total respondents said they listen as often as possible.

‘I’d also like all government meetings and proceedings taped and televised weekly or on Radio Cayman, just like they do in West Palm Beach,’ said a Caymanian living off the island who listens on the internet.

Another 22 respondents (6.5 per cent) said they listen fairly regularly.

Sixty-four per cent of the people never listen or hardly ever listen. The 78 of them (22.9 per cent) who hardly ever list made had several comments.

‘I need to [listen more] but the schoolyard bickering is a real deterrent,’ said one person.

‘Sometimes the quality of the broadcast is bad,’ said someone else. ‘More often, the quality of debate is bad.’

One person pointed out the problems with the polling technique.

‘Listeners may be older Caymanians who don’t bother with internet polls, but they are voters.’

The largest bloc of respondents, 140 people (41.1 per cent) said they never listen to the Legislative Assembly rebroadcasts.

‘I’d rather watch paint dry than listen to a bunch of self-serving political rhetoric,’ said one person.

‘Where are the hours advertised,’ asked another person.

Another 69 people (20.2 per cent) said they did not even know the Legislative Assembly proceedings were on the radio.

One person who does listen frequently had a suggestion:

‘Please do not say ‘Madam Speaker’ every other word. It sounds ridiculous and it’s like you can’t think of enough words to say what you mean. Don’t waster our time like that!’

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