Contact your MLA

I write in response to the letter regarding ‘Northward traffic is deplorable,’ that appeared in your paper on the 26, September, 2007.

I two am a resident of Northward and use the short cut frequently in my commute; however, I believe the facts have been misconstrued.

The issue with speeding on Northward road has always been a problem whether it be morning, noon or night.

The shortcut in which the writer is referring to is a legal road that joins a section of Will T. drive and Northward Road together in which the public has the right to access.

Speeding from half way on the Northward Road through Will T drive would be somewhat impossible, for the National Roads Authority has placed speed bumps throughout these roads namely the section traversed by the short cutters.

I understand the writer’s concern in the matter but feel her ambitions would have greater success if she were to take the time and write her MLA appealing for a solution to our traffic problem instead of taking plate numbers of those who are trying to go to work.

Michael Moncrieffe

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