Standards lax

I have never seen a country so lax when it comes to such important things like human rights and the right to medical attention regardless of where you are from.

Even if the young lady’s insurance did not cover the baby, the father who works for government probably had coverage. If not whose to say they were not financially prepared for this situation.

I think a lot of assumptions took place and not enough dialogue. I hope in the end it forces more stringent levels to be put in place for the hospital.

I know if I get gravely ill, I’d rather be sent elsewhere like Cuba or Jamaica.

The thing is we have great staff here at HSA. The problem is there is not a push for a higher standard of care. Until that happens we will always be lax.

We have one of the richest economies in the world and yet our hospitals, schools and all around government policies are worse than some Third World countries.

Sheredan Bodden

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