Turning the tables on CAL

Darn, you mean that someone took advantage of Cayman Airways? (CAL seeks US$53,000 from ex-employee, Caymanian Compass, 8 October).

Chrysler's Twinsburg Stamping Plant

Chrysler worker Dwight Jones, center, picks-up his strike sign as he leaves his shift at Chrysler’s Twinsburg Stamping Plant, in Twinsburg, Ohio on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2007. Thousands of Chrysler LLC autoworkers walked off the job Wednesday after the automaker and the UAW union failed to reach a tentative contract agreement before a union-imposed deadline. Photo: AP

It must make the company feel like they were robbed.

That is how the passengers trying to get off island before Dean felt when they were robbed on the CAL fares; or how flyers feel when they show up two hrs early for a flight, but are denied boarding because of the ‘prompt’ service at the ticket desk in Grand Cayman that takes forever and a day to process departures and these people are denied check-in because they were ‘late’.

It is amazing how things work when the tables are turned.

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