Marking-World Sight Day

The World Health Organiza-tion has estimated that the number of blind people in the world could double in the next 25 years. To combat the lead-ing causes of blindness and as-sist in preserv-ing vi-sion, the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens is ac-tively partici-pating in Lions World Sight Day on 11 Oc-tober to heighten awareness and edu-cation about sight preserva-tion and prevent-able blind-ness.

The Tropical Gardens Lions will be joining this global event by having an education campaign on the radio.

It is es-timated that 40 million people around the world are blind. In the United States, approxi-mately 75,000 people are blind and an addi-tional 50,000 more will become blind each year, ac-cording to the National Federa-tion of the Blind. Like most developed coun-tries, glaucoma and dia-betes are the lead-ing causes of blindness in the United States.

On a worldwide scale, an estimated 75 per cent of all blindness is found in Africa and Asia, according to the World Health Organiza-tion. In Africa, there are an esti-mated 500,000 new cases of cata-racts each year, of which only one in 10 is operated upon. In India, 80 per cent of the blind suffers from cata-racts, with more than 3.8 million new cases reported each year.

In 1925, Helen Keller chal-lenged Lions to become “knights of the blind in the cru-sade against darkness” during the asso-ciation’s interna-tional conven-tion. To-day, Li-ons are recog-nized worldwide for their service to the blind and visually impaired.

In the Cayman Islands, Lions have dem-onstrated their commit-ment to sight conserva-tion through eyeglass recy-cling, sight partner-ships and countless other sight services.

The Lions Club of Tropical Gardens also con-tributes to Lions Interna-tional’s Sight First Program which has at a global level re-stored sight through cataract surger-ies, pre-vented serious vision loss and improved eye care services for hun-dreds of millions of adults and chil-dren.

Lions World Sight Day is a global vision initia-tive sponsored by Lions Clubs In-terna-tional and held annually on the second Thursday of Octo-ber in an effort to raise awareness about sight-related issues.

Lions Clubs In-terna-tional is the world’s largest service club or-ganiza-tion with 1.4 mil-lion mem-bers in more than 44,600 clubs in 189 coun-tries and geo-graphical areas. In addition to its efforts toward conquer-ing blind-ness, the organiza-tion has also made a strong commit-ment to community service and help-ing youth through-out the world.

Lions Club of Tropical Gardens

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