Preserving tradition

Hoorah! A thousand tjmes Hoorah! So happy that one of Cayman’s most important traditions is being given the attention it deserves (Catboat Club gets 15-year lease, Caymanian Compass, 4 October).

Preservation of the Cayman Catboat, as well as the enjoyable pastime of sailing that sleek and beautiful watercraft, is such a noble endeavour and worthy of the support of all Caymanians.

Thanks to the Ministry of Education for the recent donation to this worthy cause and to the Government for leasing the North Church Street property to this fine group of Caymanians who are working to keep Cayman tradition alive.

Sincere thanks to Kem Jackson who, along with Jerris Miller, Bob Soto, Capt. Paul Hurlston, and others – including the late David Foster – who never gave up on this most deserving of projects.

Daphne Orrett

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